when I twelve I had overdosed on danish pop. I wanted love and I swear to god I couldn’t stop. I got so hot. here I am, 25 and cooling off. I still want love but there isn’t any danish pop and if there is, it doesn’t ever get me hot. why can’t I hold my heart in my hand anymore? you were my barbie, I was never gonna give you up. I stayed up late and hid it inside my sock. love was simple I was never gonna turn it off. but then fiona and natalie jumped on top. all the sunshine and the rainbows were just chalked up as one hit wonders that were never even good at all. from then on it was heroin and all white-washed naughty girls in mascara crying in the dark. it got so odd. I wasn’t hot. why can’t I hold my heart in my hand anymore?


from DEEP FUN, released April 25, 2016



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LADYFRIEND Ny, New Caledonia

"This band is split between N.C. and N.Y, but you wouldn’t know that with how cohesive and smooth this EP is." -- WKNC Raleigh

"Racing from mock-classic rock, to R&B infused pop numbers, there’s touch of everyone from Real Estate, to Conor Oberst, to The Antlers. LADYFRIEND truly are impossible to pin down, and I absolutely love them for it." -- Crack in the Road UK
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