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    SIDE A:

    1. LACE
    2. THE SHOW

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Thank you for helping us continue to make music together. Your assurance is equally as important as your financial assistance. We want you to buy our record, but more than that, we want to know that you enjoy it and would like to hear more.

If you experience difficulty downloading, affording or enjoying this EP, please e-mail us at beachmadonna at gmail dot com.

<3 Dru, $lick Allen, Hot Ben, Young Maiden, Petey


released February 14, 2014

Recorded at our houses, apartments and rehearsal studios around NC.

Additional recording at Gowanus Lab in Brooklyn, NY.

Mixed by Jared Paul and Ladyfriend at J. Paul Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Mastered by Nick Peterson at Track and Field Recording in Durham, NC.
All songs written and performed by Ladyfriend.

Additional performances by:
Jacob Hurley, Bass on “Lace”
"Big" Will Fegan, Drums “Amaretto” and “Prospect”

Shots go out to our families and friends, Jessicat, Clay “Pop Pop” Johnson, Robert Gordon, Justin “He’s a mighty good man” Roderman, Ashlie White, Justin Lacy, Brittny Roller, Ivan “Fuck Yeah” Howard, The McLamb brothers, Lt. Dylson, Stephen Bennett, Hidden Cat, Tim Kuratek.



all rights reserved


LADYFRIEND Ny, New Caledonia

"This band is split between N.C. and N.Y, but you wouldn’t know that with how cohesive and smooth this EP is." -- WKNC Raleigh

"Racing from mock-classic rock, to R&B infused pop numbers, there’s touch of everyone from Real Estate, to Conor Oberst, to The Antlers. LADYFRIEND truly are impossible to pin down, and I absolutely love them for it." -- Crack in the Road UK
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Track Name: LACE
I am surrounded by a kaleidoscope-eyed girl, and I am astounded by the sheer amount of pearls. is this a ballroom because I can’t feel my face? but, I can see her in the corner pulling up her lace. you got something to say? the devil’s in the details, but she won’t let me have none. you are canvas. I want to paint a snake on you. as long as you stand there I’m going to take it as a clue, that this is a ballroom and you would like to play. I can see her in the corner, pulling up her lace. what’s left to say? I can see her in the corner. I like it.
Track Name: THE SHOW
I don’t think I’ve seen enough to put the world on my shoulders, but I think that I have seen enough to want to be with you. the chip on your shoulder, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. but that’s just an expression; the way we like to set the tone. I couldn’t have seen it coming insofar as I have been so deep. but no matter the crisis, the woe, it isn’t me. I can’t tame a horse, I can’t fix your porsche, but I can touch you in so many ways you will never get bored. I can’t fly a plane, my dash ain’t wood grain, but I can touch you in so many ways it will drive you insane. and I know it seems absurd it’s like every song you’ve heard, but I’m light on my feet and I bought you this steel reserve. if you say you’ll give me a piece you know I’ll bite it off. if your hook is catch and release you know I’ll sing along. I don’t think I’ve seen enough to put the world on my shoulders, but I think that I have seen enough to want to be with you. I know you want to think I’m the right one. but don’t believe a thing that I say to you because I fight the comfort, I fight the beat.
Track Name: AMARETTO
I’m glad I bought the amaretto. I’m glad I’m not drunk on gin. I heard the door, I reached for the record. how the hell did I make it spin? the lights were off, I couldn’t really see at all, but we were dancing, a waltz. the lights were off and your coat was soft. we were stumbling across the room. in your hand you held a stiletto, yes cue the violin. it’s ironic it’s dangerous your weapon, the cool steel on my skin, because I am not afraid to love a resurrection, your sheer perfection. I uncovered you to belong to you. the sharpness in this darkened room is piercing my soul.
Track Name: PROSPECT
I want it all so I’ll have nothing. you fell asleep inside my dream. I want it all so I’ll have nothing. so this is how the west is won: tall green trees and the hash of them burning and dying in front of me. simply enough is simply done: a big salt lake and seven sons, a lion just dying in front of me. so give me a drink and my highway because I don’t care what lies ahead: a gyre just dying in front of me. for every ode to begin, there’s a ravenous rustic worn out wind singing “I want it all so I’ll have nothing.” so I focus on the walk. I’m tired and I want to go home. The trains just aren’t fast enough. stumbling back from prospect park. so this how the west is won: by climbing up mountains of people.