great, you love a good thrill, but you’re already topless. you’re already done. wait, I know you love a good pill, but you’ve already lost it. you’ve already come. damn, you’re pretty sweet for a pinch, but since it ain’t what you wanted neither one of us win. shit, the things we’ll do for a prophit. I wonder what was it we wanna forget. how do people like us make love? do we eat the drugs in brooklyn, do we eat the stars above? if I scream do you think that I’ll wake up or will my lungs just fill with water while you bat your eyes above? where is melody? I saw here yesterday, she was singing to the pavement. sorry as it seems, all i wanna do is sleep and wish I didn’t have to hear her stuck inside the dream, echoing the words and wringing out the meaning. now I’m soaked in disbelief. how could she lie to me like she was doing me a favor?


from DEEP FUN, released April 25, 2016



all rights reserved


LADYFRIEND Ny, New Caledonia

"This band is split between N.C. and N.Y, but you wouldn’t know that with how cohesive and smooth this EP is." -- WKNC Raleigh

"Racing from mock-classic rock, to R&B infused pop numbers, there’s touch of everyone from Real Estate, to Conor Oberst, to The Antlers. LADYFRIEND truly are impossible to pin down, and I absolutely love them for it." -- Crack in the Road UK
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